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Things to know about Branded Vehicles at Automax

What is a branded title?

A Branded Title means that a vehicle was in an incident that required insurance involvement. That is what it means simply. Even if the repairs are done professionally, the insurance company will still assign the vehicle a branded title.

Common causes for a branded title?

Common branded title designations include collision, hail damage, vehicle theft.

Do we offer Branded Vehicles?

Yes! There is a large market for Branded Vehicles and its growing! Even more now with the Automotive Market and the hurdles New Car Customers face.

Benefits of Purchasing a Branded Title?

Saving Thousands of Dollars! Anywhere From $3,000 - $10,000 Less for a Branded Vehicle!

Less Depreciation! Branded Vehicles generally have less depreciation compared to non-branded vehicles.

Why Purchase a Branded Vehicle from AUTOMAX?

We Specialize in Branded Vehicles more Specifically Trucks!

We are highly Selective when adding Vehicles to our Inventory. We purchase Vehicles with minor damage only. After they’ve met our Criteria and Standards for purchasing. With our Experience and Knowledge, we know the Best Trucks and Vehicles to Purchase/Sell for Our Customers!!

We Take Care of Our Customers Before and After we Sell them a Vehicle!!

Is a Branded Title vehicles safe or reliable?

Know when you Purchase a Branded Title Truck or Car from us. That it has been Fully Repaired and Inspected by us! That you are purchasing a Great Condition Truck or Vehicle that is Mechanically Safe, Sound and Reliable!

Many times, a Branded Vehicle has been Better Maintained then a Non-Branded Vehicle by the Previous owner! We take this into account looking at Vehicle History for Service Records done on the vehicle.

We Pride ourselves on the Condition of our Vehicles! We have many Satisfied and Repeat Customers from the Experience and the Quality of Vehicle we Sell!

Getting Insurance on a Branded Vehicle?

Yes, you can Insure a Branded Title Vehicle with Many Large, Reputable Insurance Companies! We are Happy to Recommend some to you. You can check with your current car Insurance provider as well to see how they will work with a Branded Title vehicle.

Financing with a Branded Vehicle?

There are lots of local Finance Companies, Credit Unions and Banks that will Finance a Branded Title Vehicles! We are familiar with and can Recommend the best options for you! To get you with someone that works well with Branded Titles and offers Great Rates!

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